Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

“A good photo is a photo that talks to you”

We didn’t become professional photographers in a week’s training or from a degree from online classes.

Above all, a professional photographer needs to be an excellent technician (having a sense of framing, lighting, portrait, still life and detail). Next, a photographer needs a sense of contact: being warm yet staying discreet and mannerly (they must not be a part of the family), all while staying vivacious and reactive to faces, expressions, emotions, situations. The progression of a wedding is very dense and requires an eye covering all facets.

The work of a photographer isn’t improvised. It isn’t enough to simply use the best equipment or to be familiar with retouching software.

A professional photographer must know how to work with natural light

Settling for a photographer solely on the cost they offer you, to me, is a big mistake. It’s true that a marriage budget is a smart thing, but don’t deprive yourself of a TRUE professional. Don’t let yourself get impressed by Photoshop, which can conceal pictures for no good reason. Ask for a story on your marriage in its entirety rather than a selection of pretty pictures. With a photographer, you must give attention to their training, their experience, their reporting skills and the timelessness of their photos.

Then ask yourself if they live off this profession. If yes, for how many years? Because it’s very easy to declare yourself a professional photographer on a trendy wedding blog – there’s no regulations on that.

Next, you need to know with what equipment this photographer works. Can he put forth double that equipment if needed? Does he have public liability insurance?

Finally, be aware that certain non-professional wedding sites and blogs focus extensively on word of mouth, references and experience for new business, so think of the durability of your choices – offering you something trendy today doesn’t guarantee your photos will be timeless.

Choose a professional photographer, one who loves beautiful images. It ensures you an infinite pleasure flipping through a successful photo album for the rest of your life. A bad choice for this is irreversible.