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October 23, 2009 by Jules Maigne

To make sure your wedding is true to you, 1001 Listes and Yatchs of Paris recreate an out-of-the-ordinary wedding environment on board a transatlantic liner. An exceptional event in a unique location!

The Concept of Backstage Weddings

When a big name in wedding services meets a unique wedding location, a unique concept is born: “Backstage Weddings”. For the sixth time in Paris, future couples and their entourage can discover amazing, prestigious and innovative locations to learn how to make the most out of their extraordinary wedding events.

The Directors of Backstage Weddings

1001 Listes and Yachts of Paris show you all their secrets and, most importantly, all the right places to make your wedding an amazing day.

1001 Listes

Created in 1999, 1001 Listes offers future brides and grooms the opportunity to create their wedding registry list from a selection of over 400 stores of reference chosen with the greatest care in over 40 cities throughout France and London and Belgium.

After only a few years’ time, the originality, diversity and exclusivity of the material presented in its 13 showrooms, 1001 Listes has become an essential actor in French weddings. They’ve become the perfect address book during Backstage Weddings to ensure you a customized wedding.

1001 Listes’ website

Yachts de Paris

If Paris is the prettiest city in the world, then la Seine is the most beautiful avenue and the Yachts of Paris is its best ambassador.

Founded in 1993, Yachts de Paris offers high-range, custom trips aboard its fleet of 8 yachts or in its banquet halls along the Seine. Precious woods, warm decoration, uniformed crew and excellent food choices are their keys to an exceptional service which combines luxury with discretion.

Yachts of Paris offers a unique setting for a stunning wedding reception in tune with your wishes.

Simply put – the best of Paris is on the Seine

Yachts de Paris’s website